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What is Wunderfund?

The Wunderfund, is a Wunder Werkz grassroots initiative to help Denver-based struggling graphic designers, illustrators, photographers and other creatives get out of the COVID-19 pandemics alive. To raise funds, we’ve teamed up with our friends at Cast Iron Design , Spectacle Marketing, Pine Printshop {and more} to design and produce some limited-run tees. All proceeds will go to creatives in need.

This is all volunteer-based, which means 100% of net proceeds will go straight back to our impacted community (minus production + shipping).

The partners

How to get help

Check back Fall 2020

Are you a Denver-metro area freelancer and COVID-19's got you down on your luck? Whether it’s throwing you a few extra bucks for groceries, keeping your internet on, or paying for your Adobe subscription, let us know how we can help you by applying for funding. If you're approved, we'll reach out to you and venmo support straight to your account.


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The shirts

Created by designers for designers, all proceeds of your t-shirt purchase will go towards helping creatives in need in our community


What kind of help can I get? Wunderfund is giving no-strings-attached cash to creatives to help ends meet. Whether it’s money to help keep your Creative Cloud account on, to help out with groceries or just some extra art supplies we want to help you out. Let us know how we can help by applying for {wunder} funding and if you’re approved we’ll send money directly to you.

When do I get my shirt? Our friends at Pine Printshop run pre-orders for two weeks starting May 8. After May 19, shirts that get sufficient orders to go production and get shipped by May 22 to your door. If the shirt you selected doesn’t get enough orders to be produced, your money will get directly refunded to you.

How do you choose? We allocate assets based on need, available capital and the timing of request.

Who works on the project? Wunder Werkz and an array of other talented agencies nice enough to donate their time to help other creatives.

How do I know if I got chosen for aid? If you are chosen for {wunder}funding we will email you directly to get details on where to transfer the money to.

Do you have other merchandise? Not right now, but soon!

How long does it take to get funds? It depends on how much we raise, but we will distribute funds (if available) two-times a week via Venmo.

How can I help? You can share posts, donate , buy a shirt , tell your friends, or reach out at

How do you define a creative? Do you do creative work for your primary income? Then you are a creative! It can be copy, graphic design, motion, videography, photography, production, etc.

How long will it take to receive my shirt? Production times vary, but generally you will receive your shirt and shipping confirmation within two weeks.

I don’t live in Colorado, Can I apply? Not right now, as we are focused on the markets we know best, but hopefully in the future weeks can help creatives in other markets.

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